PuzzleUp: Feast your eyes upon these puzzle-tastic treats

Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles. We love them in our family – all kinds, but especially jigsaw puzzles. PuzzleUp is an online independent retailer of wooden jigsaw puzzles and offers a huge selection of jigsaws suitable for the whole family. As with all my reviews, I only talk about products I have experience with; whether good or bad.

They regularly update their offerings and each puzzle is expertly crafted in wood – they are real collector items. While pricier than your average jigsaw puzzle, the unique craftsmanship and interactive features set them apart from other puzzles on the market.

The Christmas designs are perfect for the festive season and make great gifts for any membger of the family.


We LOVE PuzzleUp and have tried their different designs. Whether you’re looking for a personalized gift, a festive stocking filler or something a bit quirky, PuzzleUp will suit your needs.

The brand new Quatro city collection is great fun for all the family! This is an interactive collection with extra quests and 3D characters available.

Best Puzzle Detective Quest

We love jigsaws in our house – they’re great for rainy days and for some quieter quality down time together. There’s nothing better than gathering round and finishing a jigsaw. As they are made of wood, these puzzles are also more robust than the standard ones – perfect for our household of kids, cats and dogs!  Hope you like these as much as we do!

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The options for gifts year round are endless – I hope to bring you a selection of the best!

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