Here’s a run down of the best Christmas gifts for 8-10 year olds 

Christmas is just around the corner and with the world still in Covid turmoil, who knows when or where we will be able to get out and Christmas shop.

If you’re in lockdown and your local shops are all shut, online shopping could be your only option and the sooner you get started, the more choice you’ll have. With the wealth of toys and games to choose from, I thought I’d compile a list of the best Christmas gifts for 8-10 year olds this year.

The gifts cover all budgets as in such uncertain times, there is no need, and should be no pressure, for you to break the bank. While I’ve included links below, there is always the option of shopping for second hand gifts which is not only affordable, but also sustainable.

Whatever you decide, remember that Christmas is about family and love. It’s about sharing special times, sharing laughter and making memories. It’s not just about the gifts and certainly shouldn’t be about how much you spend.

Gnomes at Night

This is a unique take on a maze game. It’s fun for the whole family as you work together to escape the maze. Think of it as a really fun at-home escape room quest. Ages 6+ (although the younger ones will need extra help).

Artie 3000; Coding Robot

Get your kids coding now – without them even realise they’re learning! This awesome robot twill draw as you code. It’s a super fun and highly creative way to learn and practice a new, and highly important, skill.

Untamed Dragon

From the creators of Fingerlings, this untamed dragon responds to touch and will growl, hiss and roar until you pet it and calm it down. It even passes gas which will no doubt give your kids hours of entertainment on its own.

Kids Sewing Kit

There has been a surge in kids’ sewing interest this year. As we head into the new year with Covid still relentless, at-home fun activities for kids of all ages are really important. Let your child explore their creativity with this beautiful sewing kit.


A fun filled family musical game where each player takes turns to say a word while the other players shout out a song that contains that word before time runs out. Singing in tune is not a requirement…. but it helps!


The modern age Rubix Cube, Flipside is a fast paced puzzle where players have to quickly flip the colours to match flashing lights. Highly addictive and great fun for all!


A gravity-defying orb that can be pushed, pulled, twirled and twisted. Master up to 30 moves and 9 spectacular tricks!

Go Glam Nail Stamper

This DIY nail kit is great for anyone who loves to paint their nails. It’s great fun and makes it easy to create funky custom manicures in minutes. There are 125 different styles to try out.


You can never go wrong with Lego. Regardless of whether you buy collectible sets or mixed boxes, your child will have hours of fun. Are we ever too old for Lego?

Amazon Fire Kids Edition

The new Fire HD is bigger and better than ever. With its endless amount of available apps, kids-friendly TV, movies and games, it’s easy to forget that it’s a great device to download books onto as well. The latest edition includes a kid-friendly case and built in stand. It’s a perfect table for those looking for something child-proof and safe.

Marvel Fluxx

If you’ve never played Fluxx, now’s your chance. It’s addictive, great fun and perfect for the whole family. The rules change depending on which cards are played so it’s different each time it’s played. This Marvel edition is perfect for comic fans.

Augmented Reality Globe

This is the globe of the future. Pair it with an app available on all devices and find out thousands of facts about countries throughout the world. It will take your kids on a journey without having to leave the house – perfect for lockdown!

My Audio Pet Bluetooth Speaker

Available in a selection of cute animals, these powerful bluetooth speakers can play music, but also play games through an app. Two or more can be connected for even more fun.

Harry Potter Wand Coding Kit

Build a wand that responds to your movements and learn to code with over 70 step-by-step creative challenges. Make feathers fly, goblets multiply, fire flow, pumpkins grow, and more. Wave your wand and make feathers fly, pumpkins grow and create with creatures, sweets and spells.

Paint your own squishies

We all love a squishy. This creative gift is perfect for budding artists. Paint and keep your very own selections squishes including a unicorn, donut and bear. Extra blank squishies can be bought separately.

Riddles and Brain Teasers book

Featuring 120 riddles and brain teasers, get your thinking caps on and have hours of fun with this book. Perfect for kids 8 years upwards.

Pictionary Air

Pictionary like you’ve never seen it before! Pictionary Air uses a special pen to draw in the air. No more pen and paper!! Use the free app and go as large as you want. Guessers view the drawings on a mobile or tablet. Perfect for the whole family.

Chocolate Bar Maker

This fun, colourful and delicious chocolate maker includes a deco pen, stamps and wrappers to create personal designs. The silicone pods are safe and easy to use and can be reused even when the inital supplies are all used up. 

Hopefully you’ve got some good ideas from this list of best Christmas gifts for 8-10 year olds. Happy shopping!

If you’re looking to shop sustainably this year, click here for a whole host of ideas.

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