Dyslexia resources for school and home: dyslexia in the classroom bundle


Dyslexia resources for school and home. The pack includes: printables, posters, information and advice.


Calling all teachers, parents, schools and other educators: Download your dyslexia resources pack today!  

Every child should have easy access to the best learning materials but children with dyslexia often miss out. This provides those children that need support with certain aspects of learning at a great disadvantage. I believe every child deserves an inclusive and accessible education.

I’ve created this dyslexia resources bundle for use at home and in the classroom. It includes information and resources for parents, teachers and children with dyslexia.
It is best suited for early primary children (aged 5-7 years), which is often the age dyslexia first identifies itself and this is a crucial time when it comes to dyslexia support.  This pack will help a child and the adults around them understand dyslexia and provide them with targeted resources to help them on their educational journey.

I have charged a nominal fee to cover my costs.

What you get:

  • Are you dyslexia aware poster
  • bdpq reminder poster
  • How to create a dyslexia-friendly classroom infographic
  • Dyslexia style guide – dos and don’t poster
  • 2 Dr Seuss quote posters
  • A dyslexia fact sheet – print friendly and colour version
  • Dyslexia for teachers infographic
  • Dyslexia style guide
  • Dyslexia support poster
  • Famous people with dyslexia A3 poster
  • High frequency words poster (one page)
  • High frequency words bricks
  • I have dyslexia, what does this mean booklet
  • Magic E examples with pictures
  • Magic E rhyme poster
  • Read, write, build mat with and without colour background
  • Tricky words
  • What is a dyslexia-friendly classroom information booklet

Download the files, save them, print them and display them to give every child with dyslexia the support they deserve.

It’s so important that every child has equal access to education and learning. Accessible and inclusive classrooms will help to ensure this.

Don’t let dyslexia hold your child back!


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