Who Are the Begleys?

Who Are the Begleys?

If anyone happens to be reading this blog who doesn’t know me I guess the sensible place to start would be with an introduction. I’ll try to keep it brief, although I am known for speaking 30 words when 3 would suffice!

My name’s Rachel and I’m a wife to Chas and a mummy to Ella, Ariya and Connor. We are an expat family who live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our kids were all born right here in Chiang Mai making them third culture kids which adds a great dynamic to our lives and with no plans to leave just yet, that’s not going to change any time soon.

As an expat family, we’re passionate about animals, the environment and basically just having fun while they’re all still young enough to want to spend time with their parents! 

I work from home as an editor and in my free time (which is usually about 1 whole hour if I’m lucky) I’m trying to revamp our home using a bit of creativity, run an elephant charity along with Chas, and finally get back into shape.  My time management is appalling and so I’ve ended up with a great deal of half-painted furniture, boxes of ‘stuff’ that still need sorting out and a workout routine that I could only stick to if I didn’t have to actually sleep.

On a more personal level, I’m super passionate about raising kids who are kind, happy, generous, strong, determined and will always dream big. I may never remember to pack exactly what they need for school, will forever be rearranging appointments that I made and then promptly forgot and will always be shockingly hungover at the most inappropriate times but I’ve made it my mission to have as much fun as we can along the way.

To make my life even more interesting, I’ve decided to document much of it on here, for all to see! I figure if I can make it through the fog of newborns, nappies and tantrums without too many hitches along the way anyone can!

I’m at a really fun stage in my kids’ lives where they still love to call me mummy, still love to play and still love to be seen in public with me. I intend of making the most of this time!

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it

Rachel xx

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