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Focusing on dyslexia, internet safety and what it means to be an expat family, my blog is for parents by a parent! No filler, no jargon - just easy-to-read advice, information and a little bit of humour.


I’m a mummy, an expat and much to my disbelief (and denial) I’m 40!

Photo of the author of the blog, Rachel Begley.Once upon a time I was a writer. However any creative flair I had disappeared the moment I had children and I haven’t written anything for eight years. As I turned 40, I found that I do actually have lots to say… so I’ve decided to put pen to paper and write about my life, the trials of parenthood and living as an expat family in Thailand.

colour pencils in a circle representing dysgraphia


Dyslexia colorful word


Cartoon of a child at a computer signifying tech for kids

Tech for kids

A photo of an expat family at Christmas smiling and excited

Expat parenting

A Series Of Blocks With Faces From Happy To Angry.


resources for dyslexia specifically reading guides

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