This list of my favourite 15 tools for dysgraphia features a wide range of really helpful aides for your child should they struggle with dysgraphia, have issues with their fine motor skills or simply have messy handwriting. Please note, that I would never recommend anything that I don’t love myself and haven’t used with Ella.

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The list features everything from pencil grips to writing boards and includes a choice of games and toys to help improve fine motor skills.

Find the 15 top tools for dysgraphia listed below. Click on each link below to open a new tab.

Stabilo Easy Pen

This ergonomic rollerball pen has been specifically designed for hands of all sizes. It promotes a relaxed hand posture (something many kids with dysgraphia struggle with) which helps to minimise muscle fatigue and writing pain. Children will create smooth writing with ni blotches of scratches. The pen is easy to refill and most importantly, approved by teachers in the UK and US. Click here for easy ordering. 

Maped Visio Left Handed Pens

Calling all left handers (like Ella) to add to her writing struggles, Ella is also left handed. These pens have helped her enormously and we highly recommend them. They are exclusively designed for left-handed writers and feature quick-drying ink, a rubberized grip section and a line width of 0.7mm. They allow the left-handed writer to actually see what they are writing. They are a must-have for all left handed kids, dysgraphia or no dysgraphia. Click here to order them today!


Reading rods

These alphabet blocks help children develop their reading skills, word building and spelling through hands on manipulation. The linking cubes are perfect for early readers and those who may struggle with their pencil grip and writing. They are perfect for playing literacy games at home as to click each block onto place requires a certain amount of fine motor strength. Click here to order the reading rods featured below


Pencil grips

Pencil grips guide fingers into the correct position for holding pens and pencils. They help to improve handwriting and give the user more control.  They are suitable for all sizes of fingers and can be used with the left or right hand. When used consistently, they strengthen the muscles and imprive fine motor skills, which are essential for writing. They relieve pain, reduce writing fatigue and improve overall comfort when writing. The three different options can be found ( in order of photo) here, here and here.



Specialist pencils

It has been proven by experts that shorter, fatter triangular pencils with soft graphite are perfect for anyone who struggles with their handwriting as they aid with pencil grip and ensure that the child does not have to press down too hard when writing. These two choices of pencils are perfect for kids with dysgraphia. Choose this 6B set for writing and this one for colouring.



Slant board

When I talk about tools for dysgraphia, no list would be complete without a slant board. Slant boards have been scientifically designed to promote good posture while writing, provide the best visual distance at which to work and reduce fatigue. All of these points will greatly benefit your child with dysgraphia. An awkward position when writing is common for kids who have dysgraphia, and a slant board removes this awkwardness. Click here to order yours today.



Workbooks generally do what they say on the tin. The two books I have linked to below are our two favourite and they seemed to help Ella more than pthers we tried. The first book is great fun and for 5-7 year old kids while the second one below is more of a writing practice book, designed for kids aged 6 or 7 to 10.



Specialist paper

Specilaist paper is a must for all kids with dysgraphia as on-page spacial awareness is such a difficult concept for them to grasp. The two choices below worked best for Ella. The first pad of specialist paper is highlighted at the bottom for correct letter positioning while the second contains lines that are spaced in a way to ensure plenty of writing room. Get your specialist pads today and set your child on the road to writing success. Click here for the bottom highlighted paper and here for the multi-coloured lined paper.



Finger spacer handwriting tool

Finger spacers help children with dysgraphia to keep equal and correct spacing between letters and words. The choice of two transparent colours, green and blue, helps to minimise the issue some kids have when reading black text on white paper. Click here to order yours today.


Handwriting line stamps

This was a great tool in the early days of handwriting practice. It was great because we didn’t need to rely on specialist paper all the time (living in Thailand, having easy access to specialist paper was at times a real issue). The roller stamps produce easy to draw handwriting guidelines, instantly transforming blank paper into a specialist writing pad. Perfect for kids of all ages and small enough to fit into bags. Order your roller stamp here.


Occupational therapy toys

Learning through play is an essential part of childhood and should always be encouraged – especially for any child with a learning difficulty.

Click here for my top family board games for kids with dysgraphia.

The two choices below were of partcular help to Ella, and of course both had the bonus of being great fun. Manipulation is a great way to improve fine motor skills. These stress balls provided hours of fun and were also a good way to get rid of tension caused by writing. The maze boards are also great for stress relief as well as being a resource for coordination, dexterity and the perfect way to strengthen fine motor skills.



For a list of online tools for dysgraphia, click here and find the best apps. 

I hope my list of dysgraphia tools has been useful and I hope you find the products as helpful over time as we have. Do contact me here at any time for more information or advice. I love to hear from you all.

You can also find more information here at my FAQ section. 

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