Touch-type, Read and Spell (TTRS) is one of the best ways for children with dyslexia to learn to touch type. We have tried almost every program going, in an attempt to save a few pennies, but there is no doubt that TTRS is the best!

Free does not mean best value

It’s a cut above the free typing programs. For starters, the words used in the course are whole words and not a selection of random letters. This way, your child can practice their spelling as they learn to touch type.

The words that appear on the screen are accompanied by audio. This is important as your child will connect the letters to the sounds, which is something many children with dyslexia struggle with. Phonological dyslexia affects the way words are split into their component sounds.

Multi-sensory approach

TTRS uses an Orton-Gillingham approach to reading and spelling using multi-sensory techniques. For these unfamiliar with the Orton-Gillingham approach, click here to find out what it is. Users of this program see the words on the screen, hear them spoken out loud and then type them.

The whole experience ensures that what is learnt is remembered, through the use of multi-sensory techniques. There are hand guides on the screen for the correct finger position and your child will have to correctly spell every word of a module before moving onto the next. Repetition is an important part of the course as this is very important for reading and short term memory. Once confident, there are also dictation exercises – where students have to spell from just the audio.

Muscle memory to help with spelling

In general, touch typing is a very effective way to approach spelling. Knowledge of language is converted into muscle memory which in turn helps with fluency of language

Once proficient at touch typing, kids will find completing assignments much quicker and will easily spot mistakes and self-edit. The text is easily reformatted and organised and by using a dyslexia friendly font it is also easier for them to read.

Improved self-confidence is one benefit to touch typing and reinforced phonics knowledge is another. Kids can finally transform their ideas into written language with ease which is something most dyslexic children really struggle with.

Try it today!

TTRS is extremely easy to use and offers a whole host of benefits. Learning and organisation is improved and typed assignments takes away the pressure on neat handwriting.

We have been really happy with the program and after trying others on the market this is by far the only one I would truly recommend.

Click here to take a look and see for yourself and if you have any questions about touch typing or dyslexia in general, please do contact me!


***Please note, I only ever give positive reviews to products we have tried, love and highly recommend!