It’s not easy telling a pug he needs to lose weight…

Poor old Boris … in the twilight of his pug life and constantly being told by the vet that he’s too fat. He doesn’t care!  He lives for food… Doesn’t matter what it is – he’ll eat it (Or try to!) Pugs (especially older ones) are not renowned for their athletic builds, instead preferring the comfort of home and food over long walks and nature.

He loves nothing better than to chat – and if you listen carefully, he really does engage. He’s an amazing dog – does what he wants, is terribly trained, eats anything he can find but at the same time, he makes us laugh every day and has done for coming up to 12 years! He’s hilarious and has so much character. I have a chat with him every day and he’ll always respond with something witty! He’s only little but has a huge personality that is impossible to ignore.

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How to tell a pug he needs to lose weight?

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