Despite living here for 14 years, my grasp of Thai is clearly not perfect!  I still struggle with many, many language difficulties.

Our wonderful maebaan, Moey, has a name that is tricky to pronounce correctly. (The tonal nature of Thai highlights the above language difficulties.)

Unfortunately when it is said with the wrong tone, it actually means pubic hair. No matter how hard we try, we inevitably get it wrong more than we get it right… Today is her birthday and I bought her a cake. I got flustered when they asked what her name was to write on it so there is every chance her beautiful cake does, in fact, say ‘happy birthday pube’


***A little update – despite us celebrating Moey’s birthday on the same day for 5 years, I have since found out it’s not even her birthday!  We’re a month out. This is in fact the random date I CHOSE for her birthday when I set her up a Facebook account! I apologised profusely but neither of us held out much hope for me remembering next year.***

It’s not only language difficulties I struggle with, I have difficulties adulting in general. For more stories of how I fail at life regularly, click here, and here