With less than a week to go before the big 4-0 I find myself in somewhat of a dilemma. My grand plan aged 39 was to be this fitness Goddess and completely fabulous at 40, but unfortunately, I’m running slightly behind schedule – 11 months and three weeks behind to be precise. Oops!

My plan to cut back on coffee has also spectacularly failed and the only reason I can cut back on chocolate is that, in general, chocolate in Thailand is pretty horrid! I was meant to limit my ‘socialising’. But there is always something happening in Chiang Mai and I find it really difficult to say ‘no’. Which brings me on to another fail this year; learn to say ‘no’. I don’t know if it’s the British in me or the fact I don’t like letting people down but I find it really difficult to say no so I spend my life literally running from one place to another, trying to fit everything and everyone in.

I have a beautiful dress I have to fit into next week for my party and I daren’t try it on yet. Luckily however I have wonderful friends who won’t judge if I’m bulging out in all the wrong places. I also have some great ‘hold-me-in’ Bridget Jones-style pants which should hoist everything up to just below my armpits…

Whatever happens next week, I’m sure to drink too much, make a spectacular fool of myself, feel shockingly hungover for the following two days and vow never to get so drunk again! BRING IT ON…..

N.B One week on from my 40th, I’ve come to the realisation that it doesn’t matter! Who cares that I had to squeeze into my dress and forgot to breathe in all night! Who cares that I still need coffee to perk me up throughout the day! Who cares that I can’t say no – I enjoy being busy! And finally, who cares that aged 40, I’m still as spectacularly disorganised as I was aged 39. It’s who I am and more than likely who I’ll continue to be! This is me…. one of these days I may become the domestic Goddess and fitness guru that I’m sure is in me somewhere, but for now, I’m just going to enjoy the wonderful life I lead with my fabulous friends and amazing family.

I can still be pretty fabulous at 40 without being perfect! We all can…


Perfection isn’t and shouldn’t be an option. Let’s just be happy with who we are. I’m a Pinterest fail and proud