A one-page fact sheet answering the common question – what is dyslexia?

This clear and concise fact sheet provides essential information for those just beginning on their dyslexia journey. It is easy to digest, easy to print and easy to remember. Written for parents by a parent of a child going through the same journey as yours, it contains the basic facts, figures and answers the most common question – what is dyslexia?

More questions answered here in my FAQ about dyslexia page

Click on the links below to download the fact sheet. Read it online or print it off and share it with family, friends and your child’s teachers.

Download your colour fact sheet here

Download your print-friendly fact sheet here

The dyslexia journey can be overwhelming – especially if you and your child are at the start of it. I hope my blog gives you some comfort, insight and confidence that with the right support, dyslexia need not ever hold your child back.

More information

If you are looking for more in-depth information, you will find a wealth of articles on my blog here. The best way you can help your child is to be informed. Give them the support at home so they have the confidence at school.

Work with your child’s teacher to find how your child learns best. Every child is different and learns in a different way – it’s up to us adults to find out which way that is. Once your child’s teacher understands some of the answers to the question – ‘what is dyslexia?’ they will be able to provide the best support.

Learning difference

Finally, try to think of dyslexia as a learning difference – not a learning difficulty. Just because your child may not learn in the traditional way does not mean they won’t succeed. Some of the most successful and famous people are/were dyslexic. Find out who they are here.

I hope you find this fact sheet useful and I hope it helps you get started on your path of discovery.

Please contact me at any time for help or advice. I’m easily contactable and will always reply quickly.