In the UK we say Merry Christmas, however for all my US friends, Happy Holidays!!!

It’s Christmas Eve here in Thailand and as we’re getting set for tomorrow, many people are dreading what the day will bring.

It’s been such a difficult year for so many. I would like to take a moment wish you a Merry Christmas and to send you love and hope.

I hope next year will be brighter and happier. I hope that those who have suffered terrible loss this year will find some kind of peace. I hope one day you will be able to smile at the memories. I hope Christmas is not too hard. I hope whoever is struggling has the support they need.

And I hope that my family and friends stay safe, healthy and happy.

Merry Christmas from my home to yours.

Lots of love Rachel  xx

PS. A HUGE thanks to everyone who has supported me this year since I took the decision published my blog. I am learning so much about so many things and I’m really lucky to have this platform to share. I have no idea where next year will take me, but I hope to that I can continue to inform, (possibly) educate, and entertain. xx