Ahhhhhhhhhhhh……. How do I teach my dyslexic child? I could hear the muffled screams as another lockdown was announced in the UK! If it’s any consolation, we’re back to homeschooling here in Thailand too…

This is why I’ve put together a short leaflet to help every parent of a child with dyslexia support their child from home over the next however many weeks. Click on the file to download and save it or print it out.

How do I teach my dyslexic child in lockdown

I’ve also listed some of the best free resources for online learning while we’re all stuck at home in lockdown. Everything is aimed to make parents’ lives easier while ensuring that our children have the resources to learn at their own pace and in their own way should they need to.

The last 12 months has not been easy, and when I talk to people, one of the first things I’m asked is How do I teach my dyslexic child at home? The answer is simple, you do your best. You are not a teacher and these are not normal circumstances – therefore normal rules do not apply.

What you should be doing is taking full use of all the available resources that are currently free. Below you will find some suggestions for all ages, and also check out my blog on free educational sites for kids here


Cbeebies including Radio
Games, puzzles (and of course radio)

Lots of information, tips and learning suggestions for parents about phonics. The subscription is currently free.

Oxford Owl for Home
A great selection of free resources and games for Primary children

BBC Primary live lessons
The BBC has put together an excellent choice of programmes and videos to support your children spanning all lessons.


Oak National Academy
Created by 40 teachers from across England, this online resource will provide 180 video lessons every week for every child in reception all the way up to Year 10.

A common online resource used by teachers, Twinkl is offering a one-month free membership. Simply click on the link above and type in the code: PARENTSTWINKLHELPS

BBC Bitesize
Offering videos, guides, activities and games which are all Key Stage specific. Perfect for children and parents.  BBC Bitesize daily will bring 14 weeks of educational programmes and lessons to every household in the country.

BBC Teach
AN amazing resource of videos, hints, tips, information and from Monday 11th January, live lessons.

Ted Ed
A wide selection of educational videos on a great deal of different topics.

Economist Foundation
Sign up for a free weekly bulletin and receive critical thinking resources for all secondary-aged children.