October is dyslexia awareness month and that gives me a chance to focus on a subject that I’m very passionate about.

Mind your p’s and q’s

Reading and writing is something the majority of us take for granted after a certain age. But can you imagine how you would feel if every time you looked at a page of text and saw letters swirling about, or jumbling up before your eyes? Imagine not seeing the difference between b and d or p and q. Imagine struggling with reading so much that you get anxious even thinking about it or taking so long to write a paragraph that your hand physically hurts – only to be told it’s illegible!

Support is the biggest boost we can give our children

Dyslexia affects from 5% to 10% of the entire world’s population and with the month of October being it, it’s the perfect time to gain a better understanding of the learning difficulty. Whether you have a child who Is dyslexic, are dyslexic yourself or are a teacher wanting to learn more about it, I hope to inform, educate and create awareness of all aspects of dyslexia over the coming four weeks.

The more we know about it, the more we can help those that need it. Early detection can work wonders for a child’s self-esteem by ensuring the child has time to understand that he/she is in no way ‘worse’ or less intelligent than other children and that support is there and steps can be taken to help at school.

What resources are available at home?

Dyslexia is very common among school children and there are so many ways we can support them. I will be looking at techniques such as the Orton-Gillingham Technique, looking at the best games, apps and computer programs for kids with dyslexia, reviewing the best resources, focusing on some of the positives to look out for and generally building up an online source for parents, children and teachers to visit when looking for advice, information, worksheets and support.

Join me this month to help us empower our kids to achieve everything they want to and more!

Go RED for dyslexia awareness month! Click here for more details.

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