My mum’s just texted my sister and I. One of her friends’ daughters has just died from Covid-19. The text ended:

…don’t get complacent. I love you both so much.

This brought the seriousness of the situation home once more. I’m not being complacent, far from it, but the temptation is there. Thailand is currently seeing less than 20 new cases of Covid-19 each day but the risk is still there. I owe it to my parents, to my husband and kids, to my sister, to take it seriously. I owe it to all the vulnerable people I might come into contact with to take it seriously. I owe it to all the small businesses who are really hurting to take it seriously. By staying home, we are breaking the cycle – stopping the spread. The quicker we squash that curve as low as it will go, the faster those wonderful, small, independent businesses can get back trading; the quicker the vulnerable can come out of solitary; the quicker we can hug those we love.

The UK’s situation is currently out of control. I don’t live there anymore but it was my home and it is home to so many I love. My family and friends are scared. I’m scared for them. Complacency kills.

My mum’s friend lost her daughter today who will become just a number in the press. She had a family who loved her but couldn’t be with her to say goodbye. She had a life to look forward to 3 weeks ago. A future.

Don’t become a statistic and don’t put others at risk because you got complacent. Stay the f*ck at home and save a life. Covid-19 doesn’t care who you are.

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