The BauBax travel jacket is an amazing jacket that has made my long haul flights immensely easier and far less chaotic. Choose from a range of styles including bomber jacket, windbreaker, vest and sweatshirt and keep everything you need to hand within easy reach. Prices start at US$157.

It’s well worth the money and I never leave home without it when travelling. It has a range of pockets for devices, sunglasses, money, passports, chargers, headphones and whatever else you like to keep close to hand. I also kept nappies and wipes in a pocket, lollipops/treats/bribes for the journey and my cabin liquids in a see-through bag.

Each BauBax travel jacket comes with a range of highly useful accessories including:

  • Travel Bottle
  • Detachable hood
  • Retractable keychain with whistle and bottle opener
  • Microfiber cloth for sunglasses (built-in)
  • Zipper pen with stylus (x3 extra refills for the pen)
  • Detachable inflatable neck pillow & eye mask
  • Detachable gloves
  • Built-in microfiber cloth

The new 2.0 design comes with added features including earplugs with a case, Airpod straps, a blanket, inflatable footrest

Security is a headache at the best of times at the airport, but add three young kids to the mix and it’s a disaster waiting to happen. With this jacket, I literally take it off, put it in the tray and there are all of my electronics in one place (minus the laptop) as well as all of the liquids.

I used to get in a right mess searching for everything while holding onto at least one child who was desperate to break for freedom. We’ve all been there – or at least seen someone who has and it’s horrendous.

Anyway, if there’s one thing I highly recommend for any frazzled parent who regularly travels abroad with young ones, it’s this… and I don’t ‘highly’ recommend things lightly.

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