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21st June 2021

Princess Beatrice narrates story book about living with dyslexia

The Queen of England’s granddaughter has always been very vocal about her struggles with dyslexia and in raising awareness for the learning difficulty. She has just narrated an animated version of the book Xtraordinary People, written by Kate Griggs, founder of the global charity, Made By Dyslexia which looks at the xtraordinary skills kids with dyslexia possess.

TikTok: text to speech and how to change the voice used

TikTok has become one of the biggest crazes of 2021 and with it’s forward-thinking inclusive approach, it looks like it will be sticking around. The creators created a text to speech option for those with dyslexia or who are visually impaired. Click on the link to learn how to change the voice.

Online learning platform launches in Scotland to help pupils catch up and revise for exams

Educational professionals in Scotland have launched a remote learning platform which delivers lessons remotely with step-by-step guidance directly from teachers. Lessons are suitable for pupils that might face different challenges, like dyslexia and dyscalculia.

June 24th is National Writing Day – even for kids with dyslexia

Read on to find out how one author never let dyslexia hold her back from what she wanted to be: an author. Author Audrey Lawrence firmly believes that ‘Children can’t be what they can’t see.’

19th June 2021

James Martin, UK TV chef, discusses symptoms of dyslexia to spot 

James Martin discusses his struggle with dyslexia and gives parents a list of symptoms to spot. A much loved personality on British TV, Martin has long since been open about his battles with education, dyslexia and learning.

18th June 2021

Complementary Cognition” Theory Suggests Adaptive Role for Dyslexia

New research published in the Cambridge Archaeological Journal suggests a new theory of human cognitive evolution called ‘Complementary Cognition’. This proposes that through adapting to  dramatic environmental and climatic inconsistencies, our ancestors evolved to specialise in different, but complementary, ways of thinking. Click on the link above to read an overview of the study.

17th June 2021

JPMorgan Banker Fired for Expense Errors Sues for Discrimination

An analyst at JP Morgan says she faced bullying and abuse over her dyslexia. She was dismissed in early 2019 following what the bank called “really stupid errors” over her expense claims. She has since sued for discrimination alleging she struggled with a “hostile environment” from managers with regards to her dyslexia.

16th June 2021

Companies which leave neurodiversity out of their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs are making a mistake
Of the 90% of companies which claim to prioritise diversity, only 4% of them consider disabilities with even fewer considering learning and thinking differences. With 1 in 5 people in the US suffering from a neurodiversity issue, this is ignoring the needs of a significant proportion of the population.

Flickering White screens may help children with Dyslexia

A new study in Brain and Behavior scientific journal has found a link between visual white noise and cognitive abilities such as memory, reading and decoding in children with learning difficulties. The study proved that white noise improves reading skills and memory recall in children.

15th June 2021

HMP Berwyn launches education programme for prisoners with learning needs

Prisoners at HMP Berwyn (UK) with learning difficulties such as dyslexia and ADHD will receive personalised education in a bid to cut crime. Studies show that prisoners who take part in learning while are 9% less likely to  commit further crimes upon their release.

14th June 2021

Salma Hayek says dyslexia left her ‘confused’ while learning ‘Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard’ movie title

The Oscar-nominated actress, 54, opened up on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” about her preparation for filming and how words and lines would jumble up because of her dyslexia. Click on the link above to read the full story and watch the video.

***These are the latest dyslexia news stories from around the world. Simply click on the link to take you to the whole story.***

10th June 2021

Sir Richard Branson talks all things dyslexia. 

A journalist from the NZ Herald reaches out to Sir Richard Branson about dyslexia and how he thinks we can help our children. Sir Richard responds with his opinion on how he believes it essential to look at dyslexia as a strength rather than a weakness.

5th June 2021

TV Chef James Martin opens up about his struggles with dyslexia

Chef James Martin talks candidly about his struggles with dyslexia and his inability to use an autocue. Diagnosed aged 30, Martin discusses his difficulty and lack of support at school and his entry into the world of food and then his move into TV.

4th June 2021

Sir Tom Jones reveals struggles with dyslexia on GoggleBox

Viewers of Celebrity GoggleBox in the UK last night were in for a treat as they got a glimpse into Sir Tom’s life complete with outdated flip phone and struggles with dyslexia. He discussed his struggles with spelling and how it impacts his day to day life. What an ambassador for dyslexia Sir Tom is.

These are the latest dyslexia news stories from around the world. Simply click on the link to take you to the whole story.

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