The trivial trials of lockdown

The trivial trials of lockdown

Locked in or locked up?

So… here we are, Day 6873(!?!?!) of lockdown and all is as expected at Begley primary.

It’s taking every ounce of my strength to even vaguely follow the timetable the kids have from school and anything on top of that generally gets forgotten. I am not cut out for such organisation, discipline or learning. I KNOW NOTHING! Any facts I’ve picked up throughout my life have been forgotten, are useless or just plain wrong. I’m also a really rubbish teacher. I am terrible at explaining things, get distracted easier than the kids and had all but the tiniest smidge of patience drained from my body.  

Not quite as I imagined

My grand plans for the lockdown are slowly fading away. I have half-sanded furniture, craft supplies untouched, half-painted walls, un-potted plants, unmade recipes, musical instruments sitting silent, languages going unlearnt, sewing machine unplugged and hands so dry from all the hand soap they’re almost crispy.

This morning was a perfect example of life in lockdown and was pretty spectacular. Ella had a class call, the other two were playing quietly and Chas was upstairs working. All was calm. I jumped into the shower enjoying the silence when suddenly screams erupted. I leapt out, (luckily) remembered my towel, ran into Ella’s bedroom where just behind her on the floor Ariya and Connor were in a full on fight. Literally wrestling each other while Ella’s class looked on. JESUS!

I dragged them both out, shouting as loud as I could under my breath. Seriously – could they not have waited 10 minutes for Ella to finish her call?  With both of them in total disgrace, I skipped back into the bedroom waving and jolly trying to keep up the pretense that we were in fact a loving, caring and gentle family!

I then found out I’d given both girls the wrong spelling test, mistook my coffee for stock and poured it into the soup I was making and to top it all off, the TV blew up!  

I can’t even drown my sorrows as we have an alcohol ban here in Thailand so my supply is now not surplus but instead, rationed…

I give up!


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